Notre Dame Football Sideline Benches by Dragon Seats

The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish is one of the winningest programs in college football history. Founded in 1887, the Fighting Irish have won 11 NCAA football championships and more than 800 games. With a winning percentage of .727 and having been graced with several famous head coaches and seven Heisman Trophy winners, the team has long been associated with success. In fact, Notre Dame is the only football program in the nation that has every home game broadcasted on national television. With such an esteemed legacy, Dragon Seats is proud to be the Notre Dame football sideline bench of choice.

Dragon Seats Have Been on the Notre Dame Football Sideline Since 2010

Prior to the start of the 2010 football season, the Notre Dame football sideline underwent changes. The old aluminum sideline benches were replaced with four brand-new, customized Dragon Seats sideline heated benches. This was a critical upgrade as winter in South Bend, Indiana can result in game time temperatures being in the 30s or even colder. Playing in such extreme temperatures can increase the risk of muscle injury for players, especially when entering the game after sitting on the old, cold aluminum benches.

Dragon Seats’ portable sideline heated benches have proven to be an essential player safety and performance piece of Notre Dame football sideline gear. Our benches are heated by a 120-volt portable heater and clean-burning natural gas or propane, which gradually warms the bench to a comfortable temperature. As a result, players can keep their core temperature up and keep their muscles loose and limber, creating consistent muscle elasticity which reduces the risk of muscle injury, while waiting to get back into the game. And, our heated football helmet assembly, Hot Hats, keeps the interior padding of helmets warm, pliable, and dry to help reduce the risk of head injury.

If you are interested in getting Dragon Seats sideline heated, cooling, or hybrid benches for your football sidelines to provide safety, performance, and comfort in all-weather conditions, contact us today.

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