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Heated Football Benches Keep Players Warm on Frigid Fields

When the NFL season enters the month of November, the games start getting a little chillier. In many parts of the country, snow can even be in the forecast. And, when a team tries to perform in extremely cold temperatures, mistakes are usually made because cold players aren’t as limber and flexible as they should be. Therefore, having heated football benches on your sidelines is important for players to play at their best in the winter.

Dragon Seats is the original and only manufacturer of heated football benches used by the National Football League. Our benches are in use all over the league. They can be found on the sidelines of several top teams, including:

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Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos

San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs

Tennessee Titans

Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Redskins

Buffalo Bills

Seattle Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings

New York Jets

Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers

Green Bay Packers

Chicago Bears

New York Giants

Choose a Football Bench That’s Strong Enough for the NFL

Our football benches are made from lightweight, but highly durable fiberglass, so they can stand up to plenty of abuse, including seating several 300-lb linemen at once. Our bench is heated throughout, so every player enjoys the same degree of warmth no matter where they’re sitting on it. It even has a slide-out foot deck in front which blasts warm air upward for more thorough warming. And, with built-in casters, the benches can be rolled onto and off the field with ease.

If your team plays in cold conditions, a heated bench is essential for keeping their muscles loose and flexible when they’re not on the field. Warm and elastic muscles help improve player performance while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. And, in a hard-hitting game like professional football, a lengthy injured-reserve list will almost always keep a team out of the playoffs.

If you want to supply your players with better sideline benches that use heat to keep players healthy and limber, try Dragon Seats. Several NFL franchises already know how effective and comfortable our football benches are. For more information about how our heated benches can make a difference in your team’s performance, just click here.

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