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Antonio Brown donates a set of Dragon Seats to his alma mater.

Heated & Cooling Sports Benches That Keep You Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer

Athletes often play in unbearable temperatures. From the humid heat of summer in Midwest to the ice-cold snowy days of winter in Mid-Atlantic states, outdoor sporting events are played in all manners of temperature extremes. And, when players come off the field, they need a way to keep their bodies warm in winter and cool in summer. Dragon Seats offers heated & cooling sport benches that do exactly this.

Dragon Seats is the only manufacturer of state-of-the-art heated and cooling sports benches designed to maximize player safety and comfort in all weather conditions. Our goal is to reduce the risk of both cold-weather related injuries, as well as warm-weather heat-related illnesses, ultimately allowing athletes to perform at the highest level on the field.

A Strong, Durable Sports Bench That Can Be Brand-Customized

Dragon Seats’ benches are made from resilient and durable fiberglass. The material can be warmed or cooled quickly to provide a comfortable temperature in all environments. Our heated benches feature heated foot decks, which slide out from underneath and deliver an upward blast of warmed air, so those sitting on them can be warmed from both the front and the back.

Dragon Seats’ heated benches also include Hot Hats, which warm the bladders on the inside of the helmets to keep them soft and in their natural state when players aren’t on the field. In cold-weather conditions, the players’ helmet bladders harden and constrict causing them to not fit properly and be less snug than they are supposed to be. Our patented Hot Hats play an integral role in maximizing player safety by keeping the bladders of the helmets warm, dry, and in their natural state with the goal of reducing the risk of head related injuries.

Our seats can also be equipped with optional water misting assemblies to make them more versatile to changes in weather. The misting assembly broadcasts a fine mist of water to help keep players cool in extreme heat. Retractable wheels make our heated benches easy to maneuver so you can place them wherever they’re needed.

Dragon Seats can even customize the look of your sports benches. You can have your benches painted in your team colors, have your logo and/or sponsors emblazoned on them, or both!

Dragon Seats in the NFL

Dragon Seats has the privilege of supporting the National Football League and the majority of its Member Clubs, including the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants.

Our football benches are essential for maximizing player safety, comfort, and performance in all-weather conditions and venues!

Dragon Seats in Collegiate Sports

Dragon Seats is also the sports bench of choice for some of the country’s most successful college athletics/football programs. Our collegiate clients include The University of Michigan and Notre Dame, as well as a partnership with DEWALT and LEARFIELD to support 25 colleges and universities across the United States such as The University of Texas, Ohio State University, Penn State University, The University of Wisconsin, and The University of Washington.

Our benches are also used by several of the nation’s top ski resorts, such as Stratton Mountain Resort, Okemo, Hunter Mountain, Catamount, Boston Mills Brandywine, and Ski Butternut.

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