Portable Benches

Portable Benches That are Easy to Move Around

Dragon Seats offers portable benches that are lightweight, yet extremely durable. We are the one and only manufacturer of portable sideline benches that can warm or cool players. Our benches feature smooth-rolling casters that make them easy to position on the sidelines and to return them to storage when the game’s over. Best of all, the casters can be retracted once our benches are in position, so there’s no risk of our benches shifting once they’re stationary.

A Portable Bench That Easily Moves from Storage to the Field

Unlike stationary benches, Dragon Seats’ portable benches can be moved to a more protective storage area after the game. This prevents the fiberglass exterior of our portable sports bench from being exposed to the elements 24-hours a day. This means your benches will look better and they’ll last longer, thus protecting your custom-painted benches and keeping them looking like new.

Dragon Seats is the portable sideline bench manufacturer of choice by the NFL, NCAA sports, and some of the country’s most recognizable ski resorts. We offer benches that can be heated or cooled, so no matter the environment, our innovative benches provide your players with a comfortable seating experience that is also capable of enhancing their on-field performance and reducing their risks of injuries. For happier and healthier players, trust Dragon Seats.

If you would like to learn more about Dragon Seats’ heated or cooling benches, just click here and we’ll be happy to send you some additional information.

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