Dragon Seats Heated Benches at Ski Resorts

Enhance the mountain resort experience with heated Dragon Seats!

Dragon Seats heated benches have gained national notoriety for being on the sidelines of many of the top professional and collegiate sports teams, but sidelines and dugouts aren’t the only places that can benefit from them. In fact, Dragon Seats have helped improve the ski and customer experience at a growing number of ski resorts, including Stratton Mountain Resort, Catamount Ski Resort, Okemo Ski Resort, Butternut Ski Resort, Boston Mills / Brandywine Resorts, and most recently at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Alpenhof Lodge.

There are several reasons why ski resorts are the perfect environment for Dragon Seats heated bench seats. Our heated benches:

“It’s like sitting in a hot tub without getting wet!”
– Jackson Hole season pass skier

  • Increase comfortable outdoor seating capacity (especially important in today’s Covid-19 climate!)
  • Increase food and beverage revenue – upwards of  30% at some resorts!
  • Increase overall customer experience and satisfaction – “its like sitting in a hot tub without getting wet” as one Jackson Hole season pass skier said
  • Give customers a place to get warm while drying out their ski gear, helmets, boots, gloves, and socks
  • Allow ski school students to stay warm during the slower instructional parts of lessons as opposed to heading back inside to warm up

Dragon Seats Heated Bench Seats at Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Mountain Ski Resort is located in Teton Village, Wyoming in the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains. As you might expect, the weather here can often be quite extreme. We installed one fully customized, 12-foot, heated Dragon Seat on the second-floor great deck at the resort’s Alpenhof Lodge, which was made possible by the lightweight and portable nature of our heated benches.

The heated bench was positioned to give users a panoramic view of the iconic Jackson Hole tram at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and the majestic Grand Tetons. Immediately after installation, skiers recognized the bench as being the same type featured on the NFL’s sidelines and this led to increased interest and curiosity.

Skiers spent the day and long into the evening enjoying the comfort and warmth of the resort’s newest bench. Most noticeably was the impact the heated bench seat had on the Alpenhof Lodge’s food and beverage revenue. Skiers loved sitting on the bench for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was especially popular among the apres ski (afternoon beers) crowd. The Lodge’s bar even stayed open about four hours longer than usual because customers were still outside enjoying drinks on the bench until well after midnight, the Manager had to send guest home!

The reaction to our heated bench seat was incredible, especially with temperatures well below freezing all weekend. One day saw over a foot of snow drop. Conditions were as severe as they could have possibly been, but that didn’t stop skiers from enjoying our heated bench and a great weekend of skiing. About our heated bench seat, one skier was even overheard saying, “It’s like sitting in a hot tub without getting wet.”  Customers were shocked at how effective the heated seats were at keeping them comfortably warm even in the most extreme cold conditions, allowing them to enjoy a few extra drinks at night while drying out all their ski gear.

If you are interested in getting Dragon Seats heated benches for your ski resort, contact us today. Dragon Seats™ can also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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