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Beat the Heat with Cooling Soccer Benches from Dragon Seats

Soccer is a summer sport, so it is not unusual for games to be played in very high temperatures and high humidity. In a sport that requires constant running, it doesn’t take long for players to start suffering effects from the heat.

Overheating and heat exhaustion are real risks that soccer players are exposed to if precautions aren’t taken. At Dragon Seats, we have a solution that has been clinically studied by Duke University to significantly lower core body temperature and shorten recovery time. The results of the study showed without a doubt that athletes who sat on the Polar Seat after exercising had significantly lower core body temperatures than those who rested on standard aluminum benches. Even more importantly, the cooling seat-using athletes’ core body temperature remained much lower after returning to exercise than those who used the aluminum benches.

Dragon Seats is the one and only manufacturer of cooling soccer benches that can help protect players from the heat and the risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

The Soccer Bench That Cools

Dragon Seats has two different types of sideline cooling solutions. One is a Misting Assembly that is easily installed on our Dragon Heat Solar Seat. This assembly projects a fine mist of cool water over seated players. It effectively helps players cool off and stay hydrated. Our other cooling solution is the Dragon Heat Polar Seat. This bench is cooled by a portable air conditioner, thus providing a cool and refreshing seat for players that need a break from the heat. Our Polar Seat can be purchased along with a bench or it can be retrofit to fit your existing aluminum sideline benches.

Dragon Seats can even paint your soccer team bench in your team colors. We can also include your team’s logo on the bench to create the ultimate home field advantage. We offer a variety of different ways you can customize your soccer sideline bench, so it clearly represents your team, it’s attitude, and its success.

If you would like to learn more about the Dragon Seats Polar Seats or our Misting Bench assembly, click here and we’ll provide you with some free information.

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