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A Strong, Durable Sports Bench That Can Be Brand-Customized

Dragon Seats’ benches are made from resilient and durable fiberglass. The material can warm or cool quickly to provide a comfortable temperature in any environment. Our sports benches feature heated foot decks which slide out from underneath and deliver an upward blast of warmed air so those sitting on them can be warmed from both the front and the back.

Dragon Seats also offers optional Hot Hat and water misting assemblies that can be attached to our sports bench. The Hot Hats keep the insides of helmets warm while players are off the field while the misting assembly broadcasts a fine mist of water to help keep players cool in extreme heat. Retractable wheels make our heated benches easy to maneuver so you can place them wherever they’re needed.

Dragon Seats can even customize the look of your sports benches. You can have them painted in your team colors, have your logo emblazoned on them, or both!

Dragon Seats and the NFL

Dragon Seats are the heating and cooling benches of choice for many National Football League teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, just to name a few. We’re also used by several colleges, including Notre Dame, Penn State, Wisconsin, and more.

Our benches are also used by several of the nation’s top ski resorts, such as Stratton in Vermont, Hunter Mountain, Catamount, Boston Mills Brandywine, and Ski Butternut.

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