How to Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events

It’s the catch-22 of football season – there’s nothing like seeing the game live with your friends, but it can get incredibly cold and uncomfortable sitting in the stands in the latter part of the season. Even though the shot of adrenaline you get from seeing your favorite team get on the scoreboard will help you weather through, for much of the game, you’re going to be sitting still and this is when the cold really seeps in.

Luckily, there are a few different ways you can keep the cold at bay, so you can root your team on to victory without freezing your tail off. Here are seven ways to stay warm at outdoor sporting events.

#1: Check the Weather on Gameday

To be as comfortable as you can at the game, you need to know what type of weather you’re going to be in for, so you can plan accordingly. Check the local weather, especially the forecast for game time and the few hours after. Find out what the wind chill will be and whether it is expected to rain or snow.

#2: Dress in Layers

In cold weather, it is important to dress in layers. The first layer should be clothing that is thin and comfortable. The following layers should be long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts. The layers of clothing will help trap your body’s heat, and if temperatures should rise during the game, then you can always remove a layer to get more comfortable.

#3: Wear Wool Socks and Good Boots

Sneakers are the last thing you want to wear to a ball game on a frigid day because your toes will be one of the first parts of your body to start feeling the cold. Instead, put on a paid of wool socks and a good pair of insulated, water-proof boots.

#4: Keep Your Head and Hands Covered

A large amount of the body’s heat escapes through the head if it is left uncovered. By wearing a knit cap, you’ll be keeping that heat in where it will help keep the rest of your body warm. The tips of your fingers, like your toes, will start hurting quicker than any other body part, so wear a warm pair of gloves with good insulation at the tips of the fingers and you’ll stay warmer and more comfortable even if the game goes into overtime.

#5: Bring a Seat Pad

Stadium seats are hard and cold and on a winter’s day, it can feel like you’re sitting on a block of ice. By using a seat pad or a blanket as a buffer between you and your seat, you’ll prevent your body’s warmth from being stolen by the ice-cold seat.

#6: Eat Warm Foods

Staying warm requires your body to have enough fuel to do it, so you need to keep your inner furnace stoked. Stay away from cold foods and beverages, instead fill up on warm foods and hot drinks. When your core is warm, you’ll be able to withstand the cold winds better.

#7: Move Around

If you don’t move around, you’ll get colder quicker. So, stand up and move around when you start feeling the cold set in. The movement will help kick your body temperature up and you’ll start feeling better.

Staying Warm on the Sidelines

Players can be exposed to much colder temperatures at field level than the fans are in the stands. While most teams have heaters blowing warm air on the sidelines, that air quickly turns cold and on windy days, the heaters are practically useless.

Dragon Seats is the original and only manufacturer of heated benches. Our benches are trusted by the NFL, NHL, and the NCAA. Our heat bench is heated by a 120-volt portable heater and clean-burning natural gas or propane, which gradually warms the bench to a comfortable temperature. Our state-of-the-art benches also feature slide-out heated foot decks that direct warm air upward, so players are warmed from the front and back.

With our heated benches on your sideline, your players’ muscles will be looser, more elastic, and more flexible. Meanwhile, our hot-hat warming accessory keeps the interior bladders of helmets soft and pliable. This all adds up to players who are more comfortable and less likely to sustain cold weather-related injuries.

To learn more about Dragon Seats’ innovative heat benches or to make a purchase, click here.

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