How Dragon Seats is responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak – Capturing new market in the Ski Resort industry!

As our Dragon Seats group awaits the return of the college football and NFL football seasons, we’ve started to get a number of emails and phone calls from executives and leadership teams in the ski resort industry preparing for the upcoming ski season.  Each ski resort is weighing different options for how to best minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus this winter ski season around the mountain property.  The greatest challenge and concern related to coronavirus at many ski resorts this winter season is that many will be limited to about 50% of indoor capacity this season.  As a result, many ski resort leadership teams are working to bring as many operations outside as possible: Food & Bev, ski and boot rentals, etc. – creating a heated outdoor seating in the process.  This unique challenge to create heated outdoor space is one that Dragon Seats is prepared to address as our heated sports benches are the perfect solution to increase warm, comfortable, outdoor, family-friendly seating capacity around the mountain property.  Our heated seats are also used on the sidelines in the NFL and college football, so skier will be sitting on the same heated benches as many of their favorite athletes!  The only difference between our nfl benches and these heated seats for the ski resort patios is that the ski resort heated seats will have hand sanitizing dispensers integrated into them to maximize safety and comfort this winter season.  Our goal is to keep skiers comfortable outside no matter the temperature throughout their entire visit to the mountain property.

Dragon Seats has been working with a number of premier ski resort properties across the United States and Canada to help increase and maximize heated, comfortable, outdoor seating capacity this season.  Dragon Seats heated outdoor furniture will allow the resorts to create additional heated seating for families to gather and enjoy time outside safetly.  Not only will Dragon Seats portable heated benches significantly increase the comfortable outdoor seating capacity, the heated outdoor furniture will improve the overall customer experience as they will allow the customer to maximize their time outside around the mountain gathered with family and close friends to eat, drink, and share stories.  Not only with the Dragon Seats heated benches improve the customer experience, but the heated furniture will lead to increased food and bev revenue, and we’ve seen those revenues increase by 30% at some resorts. Finally, the Dragon Seats marketing team will work with your marketing group to customize the heated furniture for your resort and the resort corporate partners – helping to increase exposure for the brand and sponsorship revenue.

man lying on heated bench

“Its like sitting in a hot tub, only you don’t get wet”!!

Dragon Seats allow the ski resort to create a unique heated environment anywhere on the resort.  Not only will the addition of heating seats enhance the overall customer experience, but the heated chairs increase comfortable outdoor seating capacity (especially important in today’s coronavirus environment), increase food and drink revenue (+30% at some resorts), and allow ski school students to stay outside and warm during instruction.  Dragon Seats will create for a resort a warm and comfortable space for skier to safety gather outside while enjoying food and drink all day and night!

Dragon Seats has worked with a number of ski resorts properties across the country including Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Stratton Mountain Resort, Okemo Mountain Resort, Boston Mills – Brandywine, and others to turn cold and otherwise underutilized spaces into heated patios.  Our heated seats are a great addition to après ski!

How it works:

The streamlined, fiberglass benches are designed for comfort and quickly rise to a temperature of 90° F. Dragon Seats also feature slip resistant heated foot decks, which are great for warming helmets, hats, gloves, boots and other ski equipment. Benches can be provided in any length to accommodate any number of individuals. Dragon Seats are available in standard white or can be customized with just about any look and feel. The possibilities are endless. Used by skiers, spectators, judges or any other audience, Dragon Seats keep people warm and on the mountain under any condition, especially extreme conditions. The heat source is clean burning natural gas or propane. Dragon Seats are compatible with NSAA standards. Dragon Seats also provide safety and comfort on game day in the NFL and college football, including the Super Bowl!

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Call us for details on installation:

After scheduling an installation, the Dragon Seats team travels to the mountain resort where we first meet with the operations staff and leadership team to maximize the comfortable outdoor heated seating space.  Our Dragon Seats are like heated furniture, and each heated seat will accommodate 8 adults comfortable.

dragon seats on the sidelines of an NFL game

About Dragon Seats™

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, and with satellite offices in New York City and south Florida, Bourne Creation Inc. dba “Dragon Seats™” started as the heated sideline bench provider for the Cleveland Browns in 2005 and now has a 15-year track record providing safety, performance, and comfort to athletes across the NFL, NCAA, XFL, and NHL. The company’s patented heated and cooling portable sports bench technology, and the combination of the two into a Hybrid solution allows the company to provide safety, performance, and comfort to athletes in all-weather conditions by helping to reduce core-body temperature to reduce the risks of heat-related illnesses in warm climates, while working to create muscle elasticity consistency to reduce the risk of muscle injury in cooler climates. Its efforts have helped the company become the #1 bench in sports.

Dragon Seats™ sports benches can be found on the sidelines of 19 NFL Member Clubs, 41 NCAA Division-1 football programs, 2 XFL Clubs, NHL Winter Classics, hospitality spaces, ski resorts, and most recently as of this spring, in baseball dugouts at the University of Iowa and around Cleveland Clinic / University Hospitals outdoor COVID-19 testing facilities.  To learn more visit

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