Antonio Brown Donates Six Dragon Seats to His Alma Mater

The 2018 NFL season might not have ended the way fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers wanted, but the team’s superstar wide receiver, Antonio Brown, still put on a show all season long. And, after his ninth season was over, Brown made his alma mater, Central Michigan, even more proud of him. The all-pro receiver donated six brand-new Dragon Seats heated benches to the Central Michigan Chippewas.

Brown played for the Chippewas from 2007-09. Over that time, he helped the team win two MAC Championships while earning himself All-MAC Honors in every season he played. While playing for Central Michigan, he broke the team’s records for receptions (305), yards (3,199), and touchdowns (22). Brown was a large reason why the team went 12-2 and earned a ranking of 23rd in the nation in 2009.

Brown Knows First-Hand How Heat Benefits Performance

Pittsburgh is known for its harsh winters, and on the field of Heinz Field, the winds that curl up from the meeting point of the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny rivers can cause bone-chilling temperatures at game time. For Antonio Brown and his teammates, being able to stay warm is essential for staying limber and flexible, so they can play at their best for all 60 minutes.

Pittsburgh uses Dragon Seats heated benches on its sidelines, so when players aren’t on the field, they can stay warm on the sidelines. Antonio Brown knows the benefit of staying warm first-hand. “These benches really help me stay loose and ready to perform no matter the conditions,” he said.

A Generous Gift, But Priceless to Players

The effect of Antonio Brown’s generous gift of six Dragon Seats heated benches will have on the team is priceless. Dragon Seats are designed to help prevent injuries by keeping the player’s muscles loose when they’re not on the field. The player is ready to re-enter the game immediately, without having to stretch.

Dragon Seats’ heated helmet assembly takes injury prevention even further. It warms the inside of the helmet, thus keeping the interior padding soft and pliable. This is important because hard, cold padding can increase a player’s risk of concussion.

New Coach, New Team

After a disappointing 1-11 season last year, the CMU Chippewas are welcoming a new coach, Jim McElwain. “With Coach McElwain taking over the program, I wanted to do something that would help the players perform at their best,” Brown said. “I am excited to see how they help current and future Chippewas succeed. CMU will always be a special place for me, and I am happy to be able to give back,” he added.

“I am so thankful for this gift from Antonio as it will have a tremendous impact on our program,” Head Coach Jim McElwain said. “Being able to have a top-of-the-line product that is used by most NFL teams is a huge asset for us and will help our players perform at their best. It also means a lot for Antonio to invest in the success of our student-athletes and help them flourish just like he did during his time at CMU.”

Zyzelewski Family Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics Michael Alford was also thankful for the donation. “I want to thank Antonio for this generous gift. Right after we announced Coach McElwain’s hire, Antonio and his team reached out to see what they could do to help make our program better. I know this is a product that Antonio really values and helps him during games, so it was a natural choice when deciding on a project that will have the biggest impact on our student-athletes,” he stated.

Learn More About Dragon Seats Heated Benches Today

Playing in cold weather can be especially hard on a player’s body and the risk for injury is greatly heightened in the winter. For sports teams that play in the cold, having heated benches and helmet warmers on the sideline is essential for keeping players safe and protected from cold-related injuries. Dragon Seats is the only manufacturer of the heated benches and the #1 bench in professional and collegiate sports. To learn more about Dragon Seats’ heated benches, visit our website, email us, or call us today at 216-287-5042.

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