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The Michigan Wolverines football program played its first season in 1879 and since that game, the program has grown to become one of the most popular in the world. And it’s no wonder. After all, the Wolverines tout the most all-time wins in collegiate history and no fewer than 11 claimed (and 5 unclaimed) national titles. The team also has a history of regularly breaking attendance records at The Big House (Michigan Stadium), despite much of their season being played in bone chilling temperatures. As a commitment to player safety and comfort, in 2016, the Wolverines added six Dragon Seats heated benches and six Hot Hat helmet warming stations to help the team combat cold-related injuries.

Branded Heated Benches on the Michigan Sideline

The Michigan sideline features customized Dragon Seats heated benches adorned in the school’s iconic maize, blue, and white colors and bearing the famous “M” logo. The benches are instantly recognizable and enforce the program’s beloved brand and identity in a highly effective and visual way. But more importantly, the benches add an important safety component to the Michigan Wolverine sideline. 

Dragon Seats heated benches help players reduce their risk of injuries by keeping their core temperature up when they’re not on the field. Our ergonomically designed benches offer superior comfort and a safe and gentle heat, fueled by a 120-volt portable heater using either clean-burning natural gas or propane. Over the course of the game, the bench stays warm, so seated players can prevent their muscles from tightening up between drives. Dragon Seats plays an integral role in keeping cold-related musculoskeletal injuries to a minimum. 

If you are interested in getting Dragon Seats heated, cooling, or Hybrid benches for your football program’s sideline, contact us today. Dragon Seats™ can also be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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