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Players Can Keep Their Cool on a Dragon Seats Cooling Bench

cooling benches
Dragon Seats manufacturers an incredible cooling bench that has been concluded by Duke Sports Medicine to significantly lower core-body temperature – the key to combating heat related illness such as heat stroke. This innovative cold bench offers superior solutions for beating the heat and protecting your players on gameday. Dragon Seats cooling benches keep players cool by using forced air that’s been cooled by a portable air conditioner and back panel attachment.

Dragon Seats also has a Misting Bench assembly that can be attached to our heated benches, cooling benches, or Hybrid benches for added cooling. The attachment can be easily applied even if you already have the Dragon Seats. This easy-to-install assembly broadcasts a fine mist of cooling water over the players that helps keep them cooler and more hydrated.

Dragon Seats Cooling Benches

Our Dragon Seats cooling bench is an air-conditioned cooling bench that quickly and effectively cools players down when playing in extreme heat. The air-conditioned air keeps the entire bench nice and cool so when players come off the field, they can catch a breather on a cool and comfortable seat. The Cooling Benches significantly lower player’s core body temperature, thus significantly reducing the risk of heat-related injuries and illnesses. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Duke University, supports these claims.

Duke’s study involved 40 Division 1 football players, who each swallowed a CoreTemp™ capsule the night prior to the trial. The test started at 8am the following day and each CoreTemp™ capsule was tested prior to the start of the study. Two types of benches were set up beside the field, one was a standard aluminum benches and the other was Dragon Seats cooling benches. The athletes were separated into two groups and then they performed identical 30-minute exercise routines. Once completed, one group sat on Dragon Seats cooling benches and the other sat on the aluminum benches for 20 minutes. The two groups performed another 30-minute exercise routine and then sat on the benches for another 20 minutes after, with the groups switching seats this time. The study’s findings showed that the athletes’ core temperature decreased more when sitting on Dragon Seats cooling benches. Their internal temperatures also rose less during the exercise following their rest on the Dragon Seats cooling benches.

The Dragon Seats cooling bench offers a significant improvement in safety, performance, and comfort than the standard aluminum sideline bench.

The Misting Seat Cooling Bench Assembly

Our Misting Bench assembly is an important sideline solution for combating overheating in extreme temperature situations. This component can be installed on any Dragon Seat heated bench, cooling bench, or hybrid bench. The unit features a powerful and portable 110-volt misting compressor unit that delivers a constant misting pressure of 180-200 psi. Pressure jet nozzles are located along the misting bar, so players are constantly misted with cool and refreshing water over the course of the game.

Our proprietary cooling benches can be custom-painted to match your team colors, giving you the ultimate home field advantage. You can even include your team logo in the design. If you want to learn more about our game-changing cooling benches, just click here.

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